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We are a family driven non-profit organization raising awareness and funds to help young adults with Autism. Many individuals with Autism have no one to help them with  basic everyday necessities.


Our vision is to find homes for adults with Autism. A home where they can be safe, be themselves, laugh and live. A healthy environment where family involvement is welcome whenever possible along with the appropriate therapies. A home where personal and professional care come together under one roof.


Our inspiration, our son Matthew. Matthew has Autism. He has always been an easy going, happy kid, with a great sense of humour, affectionate, loves music art and swimming, especially at the beach. He has a great smile. Matthew's greatest challenge is communication, expressive and receptive.

We never realized how difficult it would be to find Matthew the help he needed in his most critical time. 


 Every person with Autism is different, which makes their needs different,  every treatment different, this is the challenge families face.